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We work on the proviso that we're the Salesforce experts and understand core business needs so you don't have to be. Working with teams of specialists in different areas we can help tailor solutions that fit your business needs and budget within a timeline that works.

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Sales Cloud Automation 

Implementation of Core Salesforce Functionality

Bring in Leads & Opportunities

  • Use leads to track prospects as you build your pipeline.

  • Create campaigns to market directly to your leads so you can to turn prospects into deals.

  • Turn Opportunities into Deals

  • Move opportunities through the sales process, and track exactly what you're selling and for how much.

  • Manage Accounts and Contacts
    Track the people and companies you do business with. Store information, collaborate on accounts, access the records you need.

  • Manage a Sales Team

  • Digital Engagement for Sales 

  • Lightning Sales Console can use digital channels to stay in touch with prospects.

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Service Cloud Implementation

Customer Service means success

Developing a Customer Focused organisation is something we've accomplished with many clients and ongoing support is key to ensuring Customer Success. 
Service Cloud implementation will 
allow agents to seamlessly handle cases from one screen with an easy-to-use service console. Equip them with built-in productivity tools and a 360-degree view of every customer.

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What is Solutions Consulting?

Let's create a Strategy for growth

Solutions Consulting is the foundation for how Combe Solutions operates in this remote global economy. We have a dispersed team of Salesforce specialists that can work with your business teams to ensure we understand the goal, and develop a solution that fits your purpose. 

We offer specific buckets that can assist in supporting and developing a cohesive relationship between our team and your organisation. 

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