Salesforce Remote Support

Remote Support is the new ways companies are able to maintain and grow their Salesforce Platform. Remote roles are growing in organisations and we offer reliable and 'Support Agreements' that are flexible based on an agreed/allocated hours in a month. 

Keys to Support

- Ongoing Business User Support

- Executive & Management training 

- Solutions that involved (Salesforce Vendors/Partners)

- Solutions that expand on the always updated Salesforce Platform

- Video Conferencing ensuring that all teams have frequent and updated alignment on changes and updates

- Clients vary from 1-3 days a week that helps ensure data integrity / adoptions and platform growth in products

Lightning Experience is an interface that end-users love and provision of automation allows for improved confidence in using Salesforce platform

Improve staff skill and confidence with Salesforce Solutions that fit your industry

Working between your key business team and Salesforce AE's and Combe Solutions team is where we have a great fit for on-going relationship

Support is having a Consultant who can provide not only Administrator but Solutions driven knowledge for your organisation and align your vendor partners towards your business goals. 

Remote Support Ensures that your 'Existing' Salesforce Platform is 'Lightning' proficient and ready to utilize all the Salesforce Functionality from new releases and technologies.