Sales Cloud 

New Sales Cloud Implementation solutions are the new structure and method for rolling out Salesforce into NEW organisations. 

Standard Objects are (Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts) that can be tailored and mapped around existing business processes and enabling future solutions in Salesforce. 

Custom Objects are used in Salesforce to signify unique areas of a business that require areas that are unique to their industry. These Custom Objects can be linked to Standard Objects to create a unique specialized instance of Salesforce. 

Training and Adoption is one of the key components of Salesforce that all new implementations allow for upskilling your team in the new Salesforce methodology, and ensuring all staff understand where their responsibilities are and how to effectively navigate and utilize the Cloud CRM Solution.

  • How many Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities do you have? 

  • How do Leads Enter your Organizations (Website/Phone/Email/LinkedIn/Facebook/Google)

  • Do your Sales Representatives need Email Automation? 

  • Do Your Operational Staff perform Double Entry?

  • Do your Management have a Full Overview of your Sales data via Reports/Dashboards? 

  • What Custom Objects do you need? What Custom Fields?

  • Quick-Start Installation of Salesforce can be achieved in 5-10 days depending on the needs of the business

  • Business must have processes and Clean Data

  • Power Users on Site to take on post implementation training, updates

  • Flexibility with smaller companies with limited budgets, that allow for remote/onsite rollout

There are key solutions that take more time for more complex businesses and Salesforce can map around requirements of any company. 

Implementations along with Salesforce Automation is where the platform excels. All solutions are different and based on the solution that is mapped out by Salesforce Engineers and myself will help align the length, complexity and time