Einstein Analytics Reporting Solutions

What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?


Salesforce ‘Einstein Analytics’ is one of the most advanced and updated CRM analytics platforms. Through the use of artificial intelligence capabilities it allows its users to have insights of CRM functions automatically that helps drive more knowledge and information from the organisational data, this can be internal systems, or from within Salesforce. 

Analytics of existing company information through the use of ‘AI’ will increase knowledge and decisions and in many instances involve greater knowledge when making important company decisions. 

What is Einstein Discovery ? 

 Discovery is an AI-powered analytics that enables business users to automatically discover relevant patterns based on their data without having to build sophisticated data models. This will help with 'Predictions' based on available sets of data, and then allows for recommendations. This can help in timeliness of contacting Accounts, or Closing of deadlines before End of Financial Year when budgets changes. 

What Makes up Einstein Analytics? 

 - Einstein APPs' - Folders where we store the information like 'Folders' in reports

- The Lens - What we can also refer to as the 'Report' in Salesforce

- Data Sets - Where your data is stored