Salesforce Toronto World Tour 2019

Toronto held a great event on April 11th 2019 at the Exhibition Center in Toronto. The event was a meeting place for ranges of partners, consultants and admins, as well as lots of business users in the region, as well as those who traveled.

Dreamforce hosts 70K attendees to a sold-out event held in San Fran. I attended 2017 Dreamforce and had a wonderful time with great contacts. Next Dreamforce is held in November 2019.

Toronto event was a great day with many lessons learnt and a fantastic turn out. New York, and DX events are also coming up.

5 Key Take-Outs from the Week

  1. Networking within the Community

Salesforce Panel Discussion

On the night prior to the World Tour Event I was able to attend the Toronto Salesforce User Group meeting. These groups in various cities are important for local users, Admins and Consultants to connect, talk and network with each other.

I attend my local group in Vancouver regularly, and this group was a fantastic way to meet local users, and consultants. The discussion centered around ‘How to crack’ the Salesforce Job Market if you’re coming from an outside industry.

Attending I met several associates that I am connected with on LinkedIn and had lots of great discussions in the session and afterwards at a local bar. I always say we are all partners in this eco-system and we need to support each other.

2. Partner Consultant Community

As an independent Partner I work on smaller ongoing projects and met other partners who do what I do in Toronto/Montreal. We were able to sit around and compare notes on how we can support and help each other moving forward. There should be more emphasis on smaller Partners sharing resources and skills as the ability to provide more flexible solutions to customers is the key strength. This was my huge take-out from Toronto.

3. New Admins / Business Users / New Consultants

‘How do I become an Admin/Consultant?’

I had several coffee meetings in Toronto with business users, and those interested in how to break into the market. We discussed Trailheads, Certifications and then it came down to actual experience.

There is no Golden Bullet for this one, as often many of us in these Consulting Roles have fallen into it via being an Admin in a large global organisation. Once you’ve been an Octopus in an ORG you know all that can, could or will go wrong. There is a range of advice for different situations, but it was a great chance to share my ‘wisdom’ or knowledge with thoughts on how these individuals could approach the industry.

4. Partner App Vendors

These large events bring in Partner Vendors into the same room to have a discussion on their products. Knowing they’ve spent $20k+ on ability to talk to customers, as well as the staff they’ve brought to town its a large investment but great chance to review and demo products.

This year I had great discussions with GeoPoint and GetFeedbackon their products in how I feel they could work with client instances with Salesforce.

I also made myself available to discuss feedback with Salesforce on the (AppExchange) that we download and trial apps. The key issue many companies have with certain apps is Trial Offers or using the word ‘Free’ when it’s not. As a customer I’m also a consultant and recommend Apps, so having a good relationship with these companies is important.

5. Business Development Ideas

Leaving ones own city we appreciate the nuances of new cities when traveling. Previously lived in Toronto I re-discovered my old coffee shops, restaurants, Roti’s, St Lawrence Markets and had time to unwind.

The key growth ideas was ensuring the growth of my consulting business and continuing to provide ideas for business teams in client companies.

The other area is sharing my knowledge thoughts online with posts on a company Medium Page that can share ideas in Salesforce with knowledge sharing. This shouldn’t be a Sales pitch, or spammy but providing honest consulting feedback.

These posts will be shared on LinkedIn and Via the new Company Medium Website page for articles related to Salesforce topics.

NEW Marketing Strategy will occur this year to ensure greater audience and reach for further discussions.

Any Feedback on your experiences please comment or get in touch with one of our consultants in our network. Contact Us