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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Having achieved my initial #Pardot #Marketing certification last week, it has me on the hunt for the further marketing cloud certifications within the Salesforce ecosystem. I attended a Salesforce organised event earlier in the year that discussed Account Based Management from the 360 view of the customer, regarding timed interactions based on criteria and actions. This can all be linked back into Salesforce at the Account Level, and this is ultimately where you need the power of the marketing tool combined with your other business metrics.

Firstly there are several ways to market to people, and the traditions #PumpNBlast approach in days gone base where you #SprayNPray that users, Open, Click and Buy are over.

Examples of Bad Email Pump&Blasts

Being involved in the Salesforce ecosystem I understand the difficult market in finding 'Candidates' for roles required by companies. I often get multiple 'Recruitment' approaches a week. I understand the game of placing people in roles, but not when the 'Campaign' has been ill-advised or thought out.

Now in the world of social media if I receive a bad message via email, or seemingly unprofessional I actually seek out the CEO/CIO on LinkedIn and contact them over the email. Others will use Instagram or Facebook.

Don't let your emails end up in the SPAM Folder like so many companies, that keep sending them through. We ignore them, and occasionally look in to find unattended marketing emails from various companies, sharing the room with African millionaires with hidden treasures.

We now receive Blast Emails on LinkedIn from Recruiters, that I often respond back and let the person know it's unprofessional, impersonal, and looks bad for your firm. These kinds of responses were often via email lists from a recruitment firms database. Now due to skills in your LinkedIn profile you can be targeted much easier.

This from Yabby Lake a boutique Australian winery is a nicely crafted email that suits the season (Winter in Aus & Fathers Day). They offer a specialized offer to their list who've bought wine. This is a great example of emails we read, and open daily. We're all targets to marketers, and now there needs to be greater synergy between marketing and sales.

Salesforce Sales Cloud / Marketing Cloud

The integration between Pardot & Salesforce is an integral part of a companies marketing strategy. This is where I realized a gap in my own knowledge in the Marketing side of Salesforce and have spent the last several weeks to find the resources to learn the platform.

This post is more providing the resources that I have been using to attain the knowledge that I'm now gradually learning on the platform. My view is to be an 'Implementation Consultant' in Salesforce Solutions that involve the various clouds such as Sales and Marketing.

Pardot Specialist Exam (Now Prerequisite for Pardot Consultant)

In October 2016 there was a change in structure where Salesforce made the #PardotSpecialist exam the pre-requisite for the #PardotConsultant exam that those qualified had to do a maintenance exam that allowed them to hold both credentials. I initially read a blog post from Rikke on this issue and I investigated it further.

Steps to Get Certified

  1. Head to Salesforce to Read the Guides to understand the key topics. (I know like Safe Harbour Statement).

  2. Create ongoing Document Like this one Pardot Specialist (Tip Put into Read Only Mode/Download) This guide is predominantly for Specialist exam, but much of the knowledge will be helpful in studying for the 'Consultant' Exam. Create you're own 10-20 page document with notes from the knowledge articles.

  3. Review Practice Questions on a Udemy Course for Specialist Exam the questions form a great base for understanding how Marketing Questions are phrased in the Salesforce way. This gives you a great way to review your knowledge and weaknesses.

  4. The obviously first stage should be doing a TrailMix on Trailhead though its conceptual driven not practical unless you have a practice Pardot Org

  5. Pardot Training Environment Hub has incredible depth of pre-recorded webinars, and whitepapers. There appears to be 51 e-Learning Module, 23 Videos, 8 Webinars. This is a phenominal effort to provide key adoption through free training.

  6. Free Mock Questions are available from Rikke Hovgaards' blog 'Salesforce Blogger', and Jenna Mollby's Pardot Blog which always comes up first on Google Searches for Pardot

Extra Pardot Training

Without doubt you will not be an expert without training in various areas. I was made aware after a LinkedIn post that both Kelli Meador a Texas Pardot Expert also provide a Pardot Training course. The other contact that also provided their training course was Tom Ryan with his Implementation course.


In my new found passion to learn the Pardot Marketing system in how it works with Salesforce, and can be implemented for solutions, it has been lots of research. I want to share what I have learnt along the way, with some everyday examples of what we see and read in our emails.

I'm in the stage of studying for my Pardot Consultant Certification and will be using these resources, and a Pardot Practice ORG to learn the system, nuances and how to implement. My goal is not to just PASS the certification but become a Pardot Specialist that can implement, consult on strategy and work with campaigns.

Please feel to contact me on the website below, or via LinkedIn

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