Dreamforce Keynote - Administration

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Where to find the recording? All under Dreamforce YouTube Channel

Without doubt nobody would be involved in Salesforce Ecosystem without first being an Administrator. The benchmark of what we do as a profession, in our roles, in our companies is based on #Admin specialization. Though we can be Developers, Consultants, or Sales Directors it comes down to how we started in this field as a support technical Admin Guru in the Salesforce Platform.

Keynote Overview

The vibe and energy that Salesforce created in the form of Excitement with all the Salesforce Mascots getting the room excited, a bit like 'Pump Up the Jam', its day 1 of Dreamforce, we're all here, now lets party. Then Parker Harris took the stage who was the MC of the keynote, to help orchestrate various Admin facts and figures.

This article discusses the future of Jobs from a recent survey, and illustrates the move to Technology and Cloud based roles. The Role of Technology is only growing and enabling company acceptance and utilization along with Salesforce Solutions is one of the growth areas.

Key Groups in Attendance

  1. - Women in Tech had a huge attendance in the audience

  2. - Vetforce that assist armed forces veterans move into Salesforce knowledge economy

  3. - Salesforce MVP's - huge part of the sharing and assisting the growth in knowledge in the ecosystem

- Salesforce Students - Everyone in the room and watching globally (we're all students)

Product Demonstration - Lightning Functionality

It was great see Mike Gerholdt (MVP/GURU/Evangelist) present at Dreamforce. For many in the community he's just this Identity in the Success Groups answering difficult questions and sharing his knowledge. Mike took the stage giving an impassioned presentation on the new release features, and all the fantastic things (Admins) can do now. I think he was performing for his (Mom) in the audience and trying to out-do Parker's performance for his mom!!

Major Out-Takes from Keynote

The acquisition of Mulesoft allows for key integration with Salesforce for outside legacy systems. The use of Einstein for improvement knowledge, and evaluation of a companies data will assist all Admins in providing the outputs for the business users and teams. There is more integration with the Einstein feature across the platform with future enhancements coming, (view other Keynote Reviews) that will improve the look/feel and ability for Administrators to provide amazing levels of work across the organisation.

The use of the Success Communities to help grow your knowledge, and learn from other companies who faced similar struggles but then overcome through thinking outside the box. No one solution is going to solve every companies issues, but there could be a question that helps solve a quandary that could solve a bugbear for a Marketing Team, or Sales Team. Salesforce knowledge is about adapting, 'Constant' learning and pushing one-self to the next level.

New Salesforce Users/Admins

This keynote is worth watching from an energy and excitement level to show that anyone can learn, be an admin within their company and join the ecosystem, and be part of the Salesforce family. We all had to start from 'no knowledge' and move towards improving our own skills, Trailhead's, and Certifications.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what job or role we have with or connected with Salesforce, we're all going to continue learning and growing together as a community. This Keynote is lighthearted and definitely a bit fluffy but it was Day #1 of Dreamforce so you have to get the energy and fun up, as it is a long week for those in attendance.